Book Review: Parenting Beyond and Blue

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As a new teacher, I thought this book would be a great choice to get into. Although we don’t have children of our own yet, much of this affects us with our jobs, our friends’ kiddos, and gives us things to think about and discuss for the near future. I have yet to really discuss the meat of this book with my husband, but I am looking forward to it. Some of the info that you might read in this book could seem like common sense, but it quickly digs into much more than that. 

There are many things I appreciate the author bringing up in this book. She really digs into the scientific aspect of “male” and “female” brains. The whole discussion of nature vs nurture could go on FOREVER, but I like that she points out how each have or potentially have effects on gender. Some of the studies that were done (without giving anything away ;D ) were really fascinating. 

The author at first brings up many habits we as parents or adults do that further gender stereotypes.What I appreciate is that she spends about the last 3rd of the book suggesting different ways of eliminating and freeing these children of these stereotypes.

I give it 10/10! Definitely worth a read, and a great book for discussion groups.

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.
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