L.I.A.L.: Links I Adore Lately

Although I enjoy sitting down with a great book, lately it seems I haven’t had time to really devote to them.

What I do love doing instead is reading great blog posts or articles. Wisdom, if you will.

Here are some I’ve enjoyed lately. You can see what’s inspired me lately, and hopefully it does the same for you.

On the day I die. This hits home, with me being a worrier/planner. Moreso, with so many loved ones lost too soon.

Why We Struggle with Change. Brilliant! Educators, this is a must read.

10 choices to make today that you won’t regret tomorrow. Simple, fabulous read.

“You Make Me Like You” by Gwen Stefani. New Stefani sounds like classic No Doubt. Love it!

You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things. Interesting p.o.v.